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As a busy first semester draws to a close, we are thankful for the many students whose commitment to the Ignatian experience can best be described as deeply admirable. Sophomore Andrew McMahon is one of those students.

Heavily involved in the spiritual life of the school, Andrew has served as an acolyte and lector during school Masses and inspires others to invest in their own spiritual growth. He is a member of the pro-life club, Rangers for Life, and has been instrumental in recruiting students for the on-campus Christian Life Community group, Faithful Fellas. As a member of Hope Squad, he is currently working on multiple student assemblies focused on mental health, self-care, and resilience. He has also served the past two years as an admissions ambassador, where he has led multiple tours, coordinated several on-campus events, and was the student coordinator of last year’s eighth-grade admissions interviews.

“Few students walk around Jesuit as mission-centered, spiritually insightful, and intellectually curious as Andrew,” said a member of the faculty. “He is an incredibly deep thinker, has a loving spirit and dedication to service, and I find myself constantly in awe of his maturity. His devotion to his faith is remarkable, and without having to say much at all, he inspires others to follow in the same path.”

One classmate who is peers with Andrew in the Junior Classical League offered, “Andrew is selfless, and he helps motivate others. He has a lot of positivity and engages in the class in a way that helps others learn.” Other nominations describe Andrew, who is a member of the Jesuit Dallas Soccer program and the Godly Guys, as “intelligent, hard-working, personable, optimistic, open to growth, and kind.”

“Andrew demonstrates leadership skills beyond his years,” said a club moderator. “Whether helping lead a club, creating test reviews, or hosting tours for prospective families he sees the value and importance of every job he takes on; there are few students I admire more that Andrew.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Andrew McMahon.