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Senior Benjamin Fernandez recently led a small group of Jesuit Dallas student volunteers at the Annual Bishop’s Gala, garnering praise from administrators, peers, and guests, for his proactivity and affability. Said an attending administrator from Jesuit, “I made a comment about his incredible efforts that night and several classmates immediately replied, ‘that’s just who is he.’ Apparently, the leadership, grace, kindness, and hardworking attitude displayed that night was no new attribute. I was proud to see him representing Jesuit, Catholic Charities Dallas, and our greater Catholic community.”

A curious and talented student, Benjamin is a founder of the Cubing Club at Jesuit and participates in the Mu Theta Alpha math club. He also uses his gift of fluency in Spanish to break down language barriers and provide services to clients in the citizenship program at Catholic Charities Dallas and is a regular volunteer at the Wilkinson Center.

“Benjamin’s curiosity is contagious and inspiring,” said a nominating member of the faculty. “He’s always thinking and investigating and making connections. He seeks to understand deeply, and his quest for this deep knowledge enriches the minds of all those who know him. I always leave Benjamin with something interesting to consider, and I am immensely grateful for his influence on his classmates and on my course.”

Often described as “always going the extra mile,” the service coordinator at Catholic Charities underscored his unique ability to make others feel comfortable with a challenging process, adding “Benjamin is a team player and an agent of inclusion.”

Congratulations to Benjamin Fernandez ’23, Jesuit Dallas Ranger of the Week.