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Thankfully, it’s not often that we can celebrate our students for saving someone’s life, but this is the case for junior Henry Hambleton, whose calm but swift action in administering the Heimlich maneuver saved the life of a member of our community who recently had a choking incident on campus.

According to a faculty nomination, “Henry is a kind and humble leader. He impacts many Jesuit programs through his academic, service, and extracurricular involvement. Moreso, he is an impressive role model for his classmates.” 

A member of the Jesuit Dallas Lacrosse program where he is a long-stick midfielder, his teammates have remarked that he “cares for everyone in the locker room and is always out for the best interest of his friends.” One of his coaches added that Henry “is talented and smart, and never gives up.”

Henry is a member of the PALS junior leadership program at Jesuit, and this past summer, traveled to Guatemala as part of the Vivamos Mejor program supporting the health and nutrition of communities in the Lake Atitlan region.  

In recognition of his leadership, service, and heroic performance in a critical circumstance, congratulations to Henry Hambleton ’24, Ranger of the Week.