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Senior James McCrea has cultivated a reputation as a dynamic leader who radiates unbridled positivity. Through service, athletics, and his leadership work, students and faculty have identified James as a role model and someone always willing to put others needs before his own.

“James is unendingly optimistic,” said a member of the counseling staff. “He treats everyone with respect and is the perfect mentor for the current freshman class. He also has a strong moral compass and is unafraid to be a good example.”

In addition to his senior service work at Bonton Farms and leadership efforts in the Key Club and Leadership Huddle, James serves on the Big Brothers Executive Counsel where he helps new freshman students adjust to life at Jesuit. He’s also a starting midfielder on the Jesuit Dallas soccer team and was noted by one of his teammates for “always treating everyone with respect, both on and off the field.”

A faculty member shared, “James has never met a stranger and is one of the friendliest students I’ve ever worked with,” while one of his coaches remarked, “his attitude and charisma lifts all around him on the soccer field, and just as important, his leadership and focus is a model for his fellow classmates.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, James McCrea ’23.