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Junior year at Jesuit is often described as the “year of transition,” with students earning their Jesuit Cross during a special ceremony and Mass at the end of Junior Retreat, symbolizing their acceptance of leadership of the student community. John Casey has already been accustomed to serving in this role and was recently lauded by faculty and peers for his impact on this year’s experience. 

“Anytime John gets an opportunity to lead conversations with classmates about how his class can make a positive impression on the community, he wants to be ready,” shared one nomination. “Because of John’s leadership and input, his small group on retreat was one of the best I’ve ever been a part of.” A student added, “John is truly a man for others. He is a very kind and fun person to be around. He is a leader in class, and embodies the principles of selflessness, passion, and hard work. He really helped make for an amazing Junior Retreat.”

John serves as a key member of PALS, Jesuit’s service leadership organization for third year students. According to a member of the guidance and counseling department, “John’s energy and commitment for the Notre Dame School Christmas Dance this past December was awe inspiring. He supervised our students in preparation for the event, and then danced and danced with the Notre Dame students with joy and passion. He was exhausted by the end of the dance, but I’ll never forget the smiles on the kids’ faces when they left that evening. He really extended himself to ensure a great experience for our friends at Notre Dame.”

John participates in the car club and is a member of the competitive shooting team but is best known as a kind and compassionate young man who is generous with his time and heart. “I can always count on a greeting from him when I walk in the door,” said another teacher. “He also never leaves class without saying thank you and have a great day. John works hard and comes to class every day with a respectful and positive attitude. He exemplifies a student committed to growing and improving.”

Congratulations to John Casey, Ranger of the Week.