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Kiko Medrano helped produce another successful showing for Jesuit Stage & Film, as he turned in a terrific performance as Professor Plum in the stage adaption of the farce-meets-murder mystery, Clue. Kiko, who has been praised by teachers and peers for his leadership and commitment to the Jesuit experience, earned special admiration for his recent work behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

“Kiko is an integral student leader in our Stage & Film community,” a member of the faculty offered. “He brings a passion for performing to every production and demonstrates an obvious commitment to every show by both preparing his own character and giving helpful feedback to other actors. He goes out of his way to welcome younger students to the program and makes them feel welcome once they've joined.” A student added, “Kiko is a talented actor who is confident on stage. He also works hard, and he cares about his classmates.”

As a leader in the junior Interact Rotary International chapter at Jesuit, Kiko has been an invaluable asset to the special education team at My Martial Arts where he supports the students in learning self-defense skills. He has also been committed this year to the Texas Ramps Project, Hope for Honduras, and work at St. Vincent de Paul.

“Kiko is an excellent example of ‘faith in action,’ as a man for others,” shared an administrator. “He is compassionate in his interactions at service programs while also actively recruiting other members of his class to participate in meaningful engagement during service programs. Kiko is bright, welcoming, and full of positive energy. I don’t think it’s possible to have a conversation with him without smiling.”

Congratulations to Stage & Film for another fabulous performance, and to Kiko Medrano, Jesuit Dallas Ranger of the Week.