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It’s not surprising to learn that a strong work ethic is required to succeed at the highest levels of competitive debate, and that is certainly the case with senior Lawrence Jin, who is described by his peers as “committed, diligent, energetic, and driven.” Lin, who was part of the first of four teams from Jesuit Dallas to qualify for the 2023 Texas Forensic Association State Debate Championships, has set an example that has continued Jesuit’s winning tradition while imparting the value of hard work and dedication to others. 

One of his coaches enthusiastically shared, “In addition to being part of one of the top 50 teams in the country with Tejas Murugesh, Lawrence demonstrates a consistent level of commitment that adds to the team in helpful ways. Most recently, he gave selflessly while hosting 200 plus competitors at our recent home tournament and helped create a hospitable environment for all of our guests!”

Lawrence provides weekly service at Aunt Bette's community pantry, which supplies critical nutrition to households experiencing food insecurity throughout South Dallas. He has also assisted refugees, asylees, and immigrants while serving at Immigration Legal Services through Catholic Charities Dallas.

“Lawrence has an awesome work ethic and demonstrates teamwork with his classmates and kindness and empathy with clients where he serves,” added a faculty nomination. “He is a powerful role model for younger students and is always quick to give his time to others.” 

Congratulations to Lawrence Jin, our Ranger of the Week!