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Senior Luke Ashe earned widespread accolades from faculty, staff, and his peers for his tremendous leadership at Community Days, the cherished three-day annual retreat for seniors in the fall. Leading through both his actions and words, Luke was a driving force during this unique opportunity for Jesuit students to build and deepen relationships with their classmates.
His leadership at Community Days is well understood by his classmates, as one noted, “Luke always shows compassion for everyone and goes above and beyond in his service. Even though we are not close friends, I know he is someone I can always count on.” Another classmate added, “Luke is a class act who treats everyone with kindness. He was a light for me when I came into Jesuit, welcoming me with open arms, and has since done the same for so many others.”
Luke volunteers his Wednesdays at the Holocaust and Human Rights Museum of Dallas. Adult supervisors have noted his commitment, professionalism, and maturity in making the tour experience a truly educational encounter for visitors to the museum. He is also a talented writer and regular contributor to The Roundup.
“Luke’s natural impulse is to conquer challenges,” said a long-time faculty member. “Few of my students over the past 30 years have been as consistent and assertive in seeking help outside of class. He has attended writing conferences to improve his craft and has worked hard to internalize suggestions for improvement. He has a great attitude and leads through example.”
Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Luke Asche ’23.