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Our community is enriched by a student body which, through regular effort and genuine care, lifts up one another and those around them. This brotherhood is one of Jesuit’s most unique and defining aspects and junior Richard Stanford has been praised by staff and peers for his embodiment of a mission-centered and student-focused leader.  

“Richard is always professional, kind, and friendly to everyone he encounters,” shared a recent nomination. “He balances academic rigor, extracurricular involvement, service, and spiritual leadership very well. His work ethic is impressive, but I’m struck by his persistent friendliness. Never once has he passed me in the hall without a big grand ‘Hello!’”

Like many Jesuit students, Richard casts a wide net and has availed himself of many of the opportunities Jesuit presents. A consistent presence in the pro-life club, Rangers for Life, he is also a leader in the PALS junior leadership club and will lead Senior Kairos after his involvement with Living the Fourth. He was lauded this past year for his efforts as a student ambassador at the Bishop’s Pro Life Dinner and the Notre Dame School of Dallas Christmas Dance, and counts the chess club, Chinese club, and theater club among his long list of activities.

“Every interaction I have had with Richard has been a positive one,” remarked a member of the faculty. “He’s an incredibly articulate and composed young man and he never ceases in his willingness to present new ideas and support other students. I would definitely describe him as a model ambassador for Jesuit who is both enthusiastic and dependable.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Richard Stanford.