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Senior Tai Kryger has been a model of leadership and service to others, drawing praise for his ability to balance a rigorous academic and extracurricular schedule with an inspiring presence that according to one coach, “lifts the spirits and attitudes of those around him.”

Tai, who was chosen to attend the Junior Kairos retreat last year, has been actively preparing to lead his senior brothers on a Kairos retreat next spring. Through his work with Big Brothers and as a freshman retreat leader, he has also served as a mentor for first-year students. According to another faculty nomination, “Tai is the epitome of a man for others through his guidance and care of the freshman class. He is welcoming, friendly, supportive, and driven to build brotherhood among the student body.”

Tai is passionate about special education and inclusion and spends his Wednesday’s providing support at Notre Dame School of Dallas. He attended the Peru service immersion program at the end of the last academic year where he helped to lead efforts with the local Jesuit parish and our community partners.

“Tai is a phenomenal Jesuit Ranger who we are proud to have in our basketball program,” shared one of his coaches. “He is a well-rounded young man who is also very bright. Not only does he excel on the court, Tai has a wonderful sense of humor and is always looking to set a positive example. He works hard and is a caring leader in the senior class.” 

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Tai Kryger ’23.