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Described by his peers and teachers as a great representative of the Jesuit Dallas Class of 2023, Van Alex Ramey embodies the Profile of a Graduate through his commitment to academics, service, and care for his Jesuit brothers. Most recently, he was acknowledged for his performance as assistant rector of Junior Kairos, which one faculty member exclaimed as “amazing.”

Van Alex is currently the senior service site ambassador for Crossroads Community Services, which focuses on alleviating food insecurity throughout North Texas. As recounted by the coordinator at the center at Casa San Nicolas in Monterey, Mexico, where he has built meaningful connections working with migrant families, “Van Alex has provided an incredible presence at Casa San Nicolas. His joy is contagious, and he always put the needs of others first.”  

Team oriented and compassionate, Van Alex is a member of Big Brothers and also participates in the Engineering Society and Barbecue Club. He’s also earned recognition for his outstanding classroom achievements and was honored this past year as a National Merit Commended Scholar as well as an AP Scholar.

“My experience with Van Alex both inside and outside of the classroom has always been a positive one,” shared a nomination. “He has a willingness to serve and an ability to rise to every occasion put before him.” Another nomination added, “Van Alex is always very quick to lend a hand to a Jesuit brother in need. At the end of the last semester, he assisted with a PreCal review before assessments with a few of the teachers to ensure his classmates would do just a little bit better on their exam. An exceptional student and person, he is always respectful, thoughtful, and kind.”

Congratulations to senior Van Alex Ramey, Jesuit Dallas Ranger of the Week.