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A member of the Ignatian Service Corps, senior Anton Dimafelix is a committed service leader who wholeheartedly embraced the challenge of leading the inaugural year of Davids’ Place Head Start childcare program at Jesuit while serving as the senior service site ambassador for Davids’ Place at Jubilee Park Community Center. Equally committed to the community as well as his Jesuit brothers, Anton has continually been a force for good.

“Anton is a multi-year member of Jesuit’s Hope Squad and has been a major contributor to the program’s mission of suicide prevention and mental health,” a Jesuit counselor enthusiastically described. “He’s also a gifted and talented musician and has provided our school community with his beautiful performances on piano at prayer services and student assemblies.”

Anton is an outstanding student and earlier this year was recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction. He is also a valuable member of the golf program at Jesuit, which has captured eight tournament championships this year.

One of his coaches shared, “Anton is a great role model and does a tremendous job helping the younger players on the team.” Another nomination read, “Anton exudes positivity and joy every day. He articulates his appreciation in attending Jesuit, communicates a zeal for his brotherhood, and is always willing to go beyond his comfort zone to create a warm and welcoming environment for his peers.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Anton Dimafelix ’24.