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Beckett Gonzales ’25 

A leader among Jesuit’s admissions ambassadors, Beckett Gonzales has garnered praise from peers, staff, and prospective families for his wonderful manner and welcoming spirit. Recently, he helped host new families at this year’s Mentor Parent night and the Class of 2027 Welcome BBQ.

“Beckett serves in a multitude of roles on campus, but most notably, his work as an admissions ambassador has been inspiring,” offered a member of the counseling staff. “He served as one of the lead interviewers during the application process last spring and continues to work as a featured tour guide for visiting families. Beckett is dependable and always willing to answer the call. He leads by example and is a joy to be around.”

Beckett is anticipated to play a significant role throughout this year’s admissions season, including Open House. In addition to his work with new and prospective families, he is a member of the Chinese Club and provides weekly learning support and training for students in the Escuelita program.

“Although I have only known Beckett for a short time, I can honestly say that he is one of the most genuine and kind-natured students I have had the opportunity to teach,” said a nominating teacher. “He always lifts the spirit of the class with his cheerful demeanor and models a great growth mindset in class.” Another nomination read, “Beckett is always quick to smile, respectful, kind, thoughtful, and doesn’t hesitate to engage in real conversation with his teachers. Some guys have ‘it’, and Beckett has ‘it’ in spades. I consider myself fortunate to have him as a student.”

Congratulations to junior Beckett Gonzales, Jesuit’s Ranger of the Week!