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Senior Connor Sughrue was recently commended for his leadership at the junior Kairos retreat, where he showed great care and openness in facilitating his small group and gave a captivating reflection on Christian virtues by sharing his own life experiences with the members of the junior class.

“Connor’s commitment to the freshman retreat in the fall as a small group leader was crucial to the spiritual formation of Jesuit’s newest students, and his leadership during the junior Kairos retreat was equally remarkable,” a teacher and counselor said. “The young men in his groups have expressed appreciation for his enthusiastic and honest approach to the many discussions, and he offered a truly inspiring spiritual message for Jesuit’s rising seniors.”

A terrific student who earned honors from the College Board earlier this year as an AP Scholar, Connor is a member of the Spanish Honor Society, participates in the investment club, and is a valued member of the Jesuit Dallas Hockey program. His dedication to supporting the unique learning style of each of his mentees at McShan Elementary School has provided a stellar example for his Jesuit brothers, as he works each week with children from refugee families, encouraging the students to believe in themselves and celebrate their gifts as learners, while underscoring the vital nature of inclusivity in the learning experience. A program director added, “Connor has built upon his commitment to excellence as a tutor at McShan through volunteering in Jesuit’s Learning Resource Center, aiding and encouraging his younger Jesuit brothers in their academic journey.”

“Connor truly embodies every aspect of the Profile of the Jesuit Graduate,” exclaimed one of his coaches. “He is a fantastic teammate and was an assistant captain and leader for Jesuit's state championship hockey team this past season. Connor often led our pregame prayer and is easily one of the most coachable players I've ever had the pleasure of coaching. He is patient, kind, understanding, hardworking, and approaches every student, teacher, and task with a positive and engaging attitude.”

Congratulations to Connor Sughrue ’24, Ranger of the Week!