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A graduate of Jesuit’s Higher Achievement Program, Dylan Lerma ’24 has leveraged his experience to affect a commitment to early childhood education in Dallas. Most prominently, Dylan’s steadfast dedication to the students at St. Philip & St. Augustine Catholic Academy has inspired his classmates to see the impact and value of their teamwork in affecting positive formative and educational outcomes for the students in the mentor and tutoring program.

“Dylan is the service site ambassador at St. Philip & St. Augustine Catholic Academy and his leadership has been essential in creating a unique partnership that benefits both the mentees and the Jesuit senior tutors,” described a nominating member of the faculty. “The principal and teachers have consistently praised Dylan for his teamwork and creativity in presenting new material to the students, and his talent and enthusiasm have a tangible impact on the young learners as well as his Jesuit peers.”   

Exuding the qualities of leadership evident in a Man for Others, Dylan also served as part of the leadership team in Guatemala this past summer. A member of the Jesuit Multicultural Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Hispanos Unidos, Dylan has made major contributions to the Executive Big Brothers program and serves as a mentor in the MAGIS and Higher Achievement Program. 

“Dylan brings so much joy and fun to the classroom,” shared another nomination. “He enthusiastically contributes to class discussion and embraces hard work. His energy is infectious and always adds in a positive way to the classroom culture.”

Congratulations to senior Dylan Lerma, Jesuit Dallas Ranger of the Week.