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Offering a beautiful reflection for the Global Inclusion prayer service, Entonyo Jones inspired the student body and staff while reminding everyone about the importance of community. The founder of Jesuit’s Black Student Union who is currently serving with other Jesuit Dallas students in a week-long immersion trip living on Skid Row, Entonyo is widely described as caring, thoughtful, conscientious, and hard working.  

“Entonyo has been pivotal in the creation of the Black Student Union,” explained one of his teachers. “He has operated not only as a founder to the group, but also a mentor to many of the underclassmen in the organization. It is especially gratifying to watch a student grow as a man of character and Entonyo’s growth over four years at Jesuit has been amazing.”

A member of the Jesuit Dallas Football program as well as the Multicultural Society, Entonyo is not afraid to share his vulnerability and the work he has put forth to overcome obstacles. Nominations from both classmates and faculty expressed luck or joy in getting to know him.

“Entonyo’s development over the past few years at Jesuit has been amazing to witness,” added one of his coaches. “Entonyo embodies everything you look for in a teammate. He’s a competitor, a leader, driven, and brings that special juice to the team that’s contagious. His impact on our program goes beyond the field he is one of the kindest young men I have ever met. He puts the needs of others before himself which is part of what makes him so special.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week: Entonyo Jones ’24!