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Senior Jack Bradshaw is one of the most trusted and looked upon student leaders at Jesuit. An AP Scholar, Executive Big Brother, and member of the student council, his work in the community and commitment to his fellow Jesuit students is remarkable.  

A passionate nomination from a program administrator shared, “Jack Bradshaw has consistently demonstrated his commitment to service and justice through aiding in educational formation as a tutor and mentor at the J.N. Ervin Elementary School. He felt called to make an impact as a tutor and help students who needed extra support or creative avenues to achieve success in mastering language skills. Additionally, his commitment to educational equity extends beyond his senior service, as Jack chose the Jesuit Learning Resource Center as his senior service intensive assignment – completing 24 sessions of tutoring and enrichment for his younger Jesuit brothers. We have consistently received feedback about the depth of Jack's commitment to the tutoring programs and his cheerful, positive demeanor. What began as a commitment to being a Man for Others in the junior class PALS leadership program, has developed into a personal conviction that all students deserve a pathway toward success.”

Jack was highlighted for his efforts in leading a student group during Community Days and is in charge of ushering the freshmen students during School Masses, a responsibility reserved for the top leaders in the senior class. He also plays a key role on the defense for the Rangers’ varsity soccer team.

“Jack always puts himself in the right positions,” offered one of his coaches and teachers. “He does not wait for someone else to pick up after practice or volunteer in class. He just does what is needed. He also leads with a morality that we want younger students to emulate. He is kind and respectful, reflective, and decisive. Just a great all-around young man.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Jack Bradshaw ’24!