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Kevin Butera’s ’25 guidance and influence in the Interact Junior Service Leadership Program at Jesuit Dallas has been exemplary. A committed volunteer who is widely regarded for his positivity, his projects this year are numerous, and include Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas; Project Unity Together We Dine planning team; DFW Rescue Me animal rescue group; My Martial Arts, an adaptive training program for students with special needs; and The MAGIS Golf Classic.

“Kevin is a thoughtful and hardworking young man,” one of his teachers shared. “He gets along with everyone and always has a smile that lights up the room.” A member of the administration added, “Kevin is always kind, patient, and respectful. In his role as an ambassador, we have received many compliments from prospective families for his welcoming personality.” 

Kevin participates in a variety of events in his role as a Campus Ambassador, and recently led admissions interviews for students who have applied for enrollment to Jesuit in 2024. A member of the Entrepreneurship Club, Investment Club, Multicultural Society, and Black Student Union, he is also a valued member of the varsity team in the Jesuit Dallas Basketball program.

“Kevin is one of the most selfless and thoughtful young men I have had the pleasure of coaching,” expressed a member of the Jesuit coaching staff. “He is willing to do whatever the team needs him to do, and he never lets difficult circumstances impact his attitude.  He naturally values others, and he has a wonderful ability to find opportunities to get better.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Kevin Butera ’25.