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Marcelo Elizondo’s time at Jesuit has been defined by a steadfast commitment to faith and service. A member of the Ignatian Service Corps leadership team, Marcelo was recently invited to lead a Jesuit Dallas contingent of students and staff at the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in Washington, D.C.

“Marcelo lives out our motto of being a man for and with others,” said a member of the faculty. “A dedicated service and justice leader who creates a team-oriented atmosphere at the service projects that he oversees, Marcelo has served with St. Jude Center through Catholic Charities Dallas, S.O.U.L. Church, and Project Unity.”

A freshman retreat leader and part of the Peer Assistance Leadership Service (PALS), Marcelo is a member of the multicultural society, Hispanos Unidos, and Faithful Fellas, where he has been active in recruiting students to share their faith. He is also a valued member of the Jesuit Dallas Soccer program and partnered with students at the Notre Dame School of Dallas through the Special Olympics’ Unified Sports initiative.

“Marcelo is a highly motivated student who is humble, respectful, good humored, and faith filled,” remarked another teacher. “He is the kind of student who spreads cheer in class and his goodwill is contagious. Marcelo is very empathetic and caring to his peers and to his teachers and has a genuine passion to connect with others in a meaningful way.”

Congratulations to junior Marcelo Elizondo '25, Jesuit Dallas Ranger of the Week.