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Through his leadership in Jesuit’s Peer Assistance Leadership Service (PALS), junior Marty Jones is active in preparation for this Friday's Notre Dame School Christmas Dance, hosted by the service & justice program. Spending time organizing and creating decorations for the event, Marty is serving as a team leader for one of our School’s most beloved Holiday traditions while reminding faculty and peers about what it means to give selflessly.  

“Marty is one of those young men who makes a teacher's job more rewarding and joyful because of his intelligence, infectious positivity, and eagerness to apply what he has been taught and not settle for minimum effort,” detailed a faculty member. “He has distinguished himself in the classroom.”

A member of the Engineering and Spanish Honor Societies at Jesuit, Marty recently assisted in the first-ever Thanksgiving feast for newcomers and their families at Foster Elementary in Dallas. All of the newcomers have been in the United States for less than six months, and still adjusting to a new culture, home, school, and language. Marty helped organize the event, collect food donations, and distribute meals. 

“A true leader who models service and kindness, Marty is an excellent student and manages a very rigorous academic schedule,” another teacher shared. “He always has a positive attitude and a good sense of humor, and he is an outstanding role model for his classmates.”

Congratulations to Marty Jones ’25, Jesuit Dallas Ranger of the Week.