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Initially placed in Brothers for Others, a service group focused on supporting those in special education, senior Nathan Long expanded his service commitment by spending time in Highland Park United Methodist Church's Chance's Cafe on Sunday mornings. For the past few months, Nathan has also spent part of his Saturdays supporting the cast and crew of Spotlight Musical Theater through Highland Park United Methodist Church's Belong Ministry.

“Nathan has gone above and beyond in his dedication and support of the community,” a program director shared. “The preparation for the theater presentation for this special education ministry led to Nathan being appointed to a team of volunteers who could be trusted and were valued for their engagement, fellowship, and leadership. He did a fabulous job, and Nathan has already asked to be a part of next year’s production.”

A member of student council whose interests also extend to Jesuit’s Investment Club, Nathan was described by one faculty member as, “an exemplary student who is bright, focused, and always willing to help his peers in class,” while another teacher observed, “Nathan has a natural curiosity about the world and is unafraid of a challenge. In class, he quickly emerges as a leader among his peers.”

“A student mature beyond his years, Nathan exemplifies kindness, care, and respect,” wrote another nomination. “He continually seeks opportunities to serve those around him without ever expecting personal recognition. We are a stronger, more unified community because of his presence on our campus.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Nathan Long ’24!