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Senior Nathan Robles leads with his heart and places the needs of others before the needs of self, which was why Equest recently named Nathan as its “Volunteer of the Year.” Serving at Equest for his senior year service practicum placement, Nathan has supported all aspects of the organization’s therapeutic horsemanship from workshop training to aiding clients with disabilities during their lessons and caring for the needs of the horses. 

“It’s no surprise that Nathan has been honored by Equest,” a program director at Jesuit said. “Nathan is passionate about being intentional in upholding the dignity of all whom he encounters. This was evident in his participation and leadership at the Casa San Nicolas immigration support and housing center at our parish partner in Monterrey, Mexico. He builds connections and breaks down barriers with great ease, making all feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of their origin, economic status, or challenges.”

An alumnus of Jesuit’s Higher Achievement Program, Nathan is also a valuable member of the Jesuit Baseball program, where he plays first base and DH, and has helped the Rangers to a 24-4 record and No. 8 in the current area rankings.

“Nathan has a great personality,” one of his coaches shared. “He is always fun to be around, and his positivity is infectious.” Another coach added, “Nathan is one of the hardest working players in our baseball program. He shows up each day ready to work and compete. He has taken full advantage of his time here at Jesuit as a student and as an athlete and I am proud to say that I have been a part of his high school career.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Nathan Robles!