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Senior Nicolai Valenta demonstrates a remarkable commitment to our global neighbors and his role as a Man for Others by serving in ways that is both inspiring and impressive. His passion for exploration and service has been extolled by his peers, as well as his humility, leadership, and kindness.

“Nicolai has displayed a sincere desire to use his skills to aid those who are most vulnerable,” exclaimed a member of the service & justice staff. “His leadership in the Guadalajara Pen Pals nursing home program, the Monterrey, Mexico immigration Catholic Social Teaching program, and his work at Catholic Charities Legal Clinic has made a tangible impact in the lives of those who are without the resources and institutional connections necessary to provide for their basic human needs. He leads by example and builds a team by ensuring that there is a place at the table for each of his Jesuit brothers to contribute in meaningful ways to service programs.”

A student of many interests, Nicolai participates in the investment club, chess club, film club, and is part of the writing staff for The Roundup. Nicolai, who is also a member of Godly Guys and the Spanish Honor Society, was described by one faculty member as, “Intellectually observant and insightful, marked with timely humor, Nicolai models an appreciation for learning and for Jesuit.

Another teacher added, “Nicolai is such a fantastic student; he is without a doubt among the strongest students I have ever worked with. His presence and participation in the classroom and in service has been consistent and creative.”

Congratulations to Ranger of the Week, Nicolai Valenta ’24.