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Junior Thomas Westerman was recently described as a “rock star,” although less for his terrific musical abilities and more for his welcoming personality, engaging heart, maturity, and willingness to serve. Thomas, who shares his passion for music with a generous and joyful spirit, whether through jazz band or as a cantor at School Mass, was part of the band drum line at Junior Retreat and was a music minister for Junior Cross Mass.

“Thomas changes the world around him because he embodies joy every day,” one of his teachers shared. “He always engages peers and teachers with the greatest respect.” Another teacher exclaimed, “Thomas is a joy to have in class! His genuine interest in the subject matter often propels our room into richer and meaningful conversations of class content. Moreover, his upbeat demeanor and positive attitude never fails to energize me, thus leading to a fun class environment.”

A valued member of the Jesuit Musicians Union and Jesuit Dallas Competitive Shooting team, Thomas impressed program leaders with his leadership in the Waco World Hunger Relief Farm program earlier this month. As an experienced camper, he was generous in helping others, and without any prompting or motivation beyond wanting to help his classmates, emerged as a natural leader during the intensive immersion experience.

“Thomas is reliable, hardworking, intelligent, funny, and kind,” a nomination described, “and he regularly cares for his Jesuit brothers without even thinking about any cost or drawing attention to himself. He is well respected by his peers and always displays a positive attitude towards his teammates and competitors.”

Congratulations to a musical Man for Others, and Ranger of the Week, Thomas Westerman ’25.