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Logos & Branding

Guidelines for Use

For questions or concerns regarding the brand guidelines, to be provided School logos, and for approvals of use please contact Candice Price,

The Office of Communications is responsible for maintaining the school’s visual identity system and is available to respond to inquiries regarding its use and must approve all designs. Situations that require approval include but are not limited to:

  • Anything printed with the official logos
  • Requests to create visual identity graphics
  • Explanation of the visual identity system
  • Classes, student groups, special events, and athletic units planning to utilize the school name, color, or logo in any form
  • Merchandise for free or for sale
Anything printed with the official logos should always be proofed and approved by the Communications office.

If you would like a copy of one of the official Jesuit Dallas logos, or have any questions about Jesuit's brand standards guide, please contact Candice Price ( in the communications office.

Color Guidelines for School Logos

Jesuit Dallas' primary colors are blue (Pantone 541) and gold (Pantone 4515).

Each School logo comes in two different color variations: one color and two color. (For all approved color variations see the Shield logo section.) When choosing the color of the logo consider the background. Intentional use of color creates a powerful visual impact.

When the School logo is placed on a light background color, the mark should be reproduced in the two color version, blue, or black.

When the School mark is placed on dark backgrounds, the mark should be be reproduced in the two color reverse, gold, or white.


Background Field

When the logo appears in a background field, be careful to avoid the perception that it is embedded in a shape or pattern. The logo identity may appear on photos or graphs where there is a clear area that does not create a busy, cluttered, or confusing background. Avoid visually distracting or competing backgrounds. 

These background guidelines should also be followed with the Athletic logos as well as the Club & Organization logos.

Size and Placement

The minimum width for each School logo is 1.125 inches wide. This ensures that we don't lose the legibility of the name or the clarity of the shield. The horizontal version is recommended for digital environments at a width not less than 150 pixels. When resizing the logo, always constrain proportions by locking the aspect ratio, so the height and width are scaled together.

Please allow a minimum space above, below and on both sides equal to the half-width of the shield. Use the upper portion of the shield as a guide for top/bottom measurements.

These size and placement guidelines should also be followed with the Athletic logos as well as the Club & Organization logos.

Primary Logo

The School's Primary logo is available in three alternate designs to adapt to the demands of most design treatments.




Secondary Logo

The School's secondary logo is a more casual logo. This logo is available in two alternate designs to adapt to the demands of most design treatments. (We should specify when this logo can be used.)




To give some distinction between the School logos and the athletic logos the font Eurostile Bold is used along side the shield. To protect and improve the athletic brand equity, it is important that all those who communicate on behalf of Jesuit Dallas athletics do so with the approved athletic logos and font. Along with the Jesuit Rangers and Jesuit Athletic logo shown below, there are also individual sport logos created and ready for use as well. 


The Jesuit Dallas shield is the School's most recognizable graphic element. It provides quick recognition and represents the mission and spirit of the School. It may be used prominently in many of our communications and is acceptable in the below color variations. (Please note all logos are only offered in these exact color variations as well.)

President's Seal

The President's Seal is reserved for official documents from the Office of the President or the Office of the Principal, adding authority and authenticity to important documents, including diplomas. The logos identified above are appropriate for all other uses. To ensure consistency, the different elements in the seal are not to be separated or altered.