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Moms in Prayer

Jesuit belongs to an international organization called Moms In Prayer International. The organization unites moms together in prayer for their children's school communities. Any mother of a current Jesuit student is invited to join us at any time.

Pray with Us

For additional information, or to be added to our email list, please contact Jennifer or Alice.
Jennifer | 214-837-6570
Alice Davis: | 214-563-8735

Virtual Prayer Vigil

December and May
During semester exams at least one person is praying for our sons, non-stop during the exam testing timeframe. It is a beautiful, peaceful and calming gift we give our sons during a time which might be filled with anxiety and worry.

Friday Prayer

9:30-10:30 a.m. | Jesuit Chapel
Fridays, Mid-September - May

We do not meet on days when there is no class. Feel free to come late, leave early, or stay as long as you like. There is no requirement or expectation for you to speak if you are not comfortable; simply sitting quietly in prayer and enjoying fellowship with Jesuit Moms is one of the many blessings of our Jesuit Community. Bring your Bible (or your phone) if you would like to join in the Bible verses.

Together we pray for our sons, teachers, staff, administrators, and entire Jesuit Community. We follow a general outline that includes prayer, Bible verses, and prayer requests. Throughout the year, we pray for every student and Jesuit team member by name