Student Life


Prayer is the key way an individual develops their relationship with God. Students at Jesuit Dallas are offered many opportunities to experience prayer as a large community including weekly prayer services, Morning Prayer, and the Examen. Additional opportunities like Rosary Wednesdays, Adoration Fridays, and Stations of the Cross during the Lenten season are also available.

Morning Prayer


MR. Earsing's prayer for the new school year:

God, our almighty Father,
to you we dedicate our studies
and the work that we do this year.
Open our minds and our hearts
so that together we may be grateful for our gifts and the gifts of others;
generous to become men and women for others;
attentive and discerning in the events of daily life;
compassionate with the needy;
loving towards others;
faith-filled in our beliefs, with hope in the future;
eloquent and truthful in our speech;
learning to find God in all things;
curious to know;
engaged with the world;
committed to change for the better.
May we use the resources of the earth prudently
and set a prophetic example by our conduct,
so that we may employ our knowledge to benefit others
and create one family of all nations
to the greater glory of God.
May Mary, the mother of your son,
and our mother too,
assist us in all that we do
and make us more like her son,
our Lord, Jesus Christ.