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Clubs & Co-Curriculars

Jesuit clubs and activities provide a significant venue for our students to engage in endeavors outside of the classroom and pursue their own interests. All Jesuit clubs and activities must be approved by Dr. Knize, Director of Student Formation. If a student has a particular passion or interest not currently available on our club list, we encourage him to visit Dr. Knize to discuss the possibility of creating a new club and applying for its approval.

students who participate in an extracurricular activity

clubs, sports teams, and extracurricular activities

Co-Curricular Organizations

Chinese Club

Coach/Moderator: Ying Lu

Description: Diverse cultural experiences in various settings and activities


Coaches: Dan Lingel, Tracy McFarland, and Steven Pointer

Description: Compete on the local, state and nationally competitive debate team

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FIRST Robotics Competition Team (FRC)

Coach/Moderator: Michael Couvillon

Description: Explore and develop interests / talents in engineering / robotics

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First Tech Challenge Team(s) (FTC)

Coach/Moderator: Michael Couvillon, and Wester, Mark

Description: Explore interests in STEM through robotics competitions

French Honor Society

Coach/Moderator: Julie Richard

Description: Honor Organization for French students

Jesuit Journal

Coach/Moderator: Ian Berry

Description: Student Publication (art and literary magazine)

Junior Classical League

Coach/Moderator: Vanessa Jones, Lisa Druebert, and Parker Hornsby

Description: Academic, Leadership, Art, and Creative contests and opportunities for Latin and Classics students in a fun, social environment. There's something for everyone in the JCL. Must be in Latin or completed Latin.

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Latin Honor Society

Coach/Moderator: Vanessa Jones

Description: Latin Honor students' organization

Medical Society

Coach/Moderator: Max Von Schlehenried , Stefanie Boyle, Enid Sanchez, and Madison Matthews

Description: Introduce students to healthcare profession through biomedical classes, clinical rotations, and more

Mu Alpha Theta (Math Club)

Coach/Moderator: Peter Billingham, Ky Vu, and Carly Vollet

Description: Tutoring, problem solving, competition, and learning new math techniques.

Newspaper (The Roundup)

Coach/Moderator: Dr. Degen, Fritz Asche , and Joe Nava

Description: Jesuit Dallas student newspaper

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Spanish honor society

Coach/Moderator: Greg Nielson and Claudio Eduardo Pinto

Description: Promote the study of the spanish language and culture.

UIL Academics

Coach/Moderator: Mary Beth Farrell, Koob Yohannes, Greg Nielson, and Peter Billingham

Description: Practice and participate in UIL academic competition


Coach/Moderator: Tiffany Holmes, Valerie Souders, and Joe Howard

Description: Produce a quality yearbook with pictures and stories for lasting memories

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Leadership and Service Organizations


Coach/Moderator: David Williams

Description: Sophomore Leadership & Service Organization focused on community involvement and peer mentorship.


Coach/Moderator: Corey Marr and Tim Host

Description: Provide hospitality, tours, and information to visitors

Big Brothers

Coach/Moderator: Timothy Murphy and Christopher Patterson

Description: Helping Incoming freshman transition smoothly into Jesuit.

Brothers for Others

Coach/Moderator: Andrew Dondis, and Dennis Kamara

Description: Sophomore leadership group dedicated to learning about, advocating for, and serving alongside individuals with various special needs, both children and adults.

Freshman Advisory

Coach/Moderator: Corey Marr

Description: Feedback and discussion regarding freshman class formation.

Freshman Initiative Team (FIT)

Coach/Moderator: Corey Marr and Timothy Murphy

Description: Leadership development and peer support.

Freshman retreat small group leaders

Coach/Moderator: Corey Marr, Timothy Murphy, and Tim Host

Description: Student leadership/guidance for the freshman retreat.

Grounds Crew

Coach/Moderator: Mark Knize

Description: Sophomore leadership group focused on behind the scenes help with campus events.

Ignatian Service Corps

Coach/Moderator: Michael Riemer and Richard Perry

Description: Leadership club (10-12 grade) that designs and implements service projects


Coach/Moderator: Rich Perry

Description: Cultivate diversity in thought and action through service to and with the refugee population of Dallas

Jesuit Canine Association

Coach/Moderator: Richard Perry and Michele Elchlepp

Description: To learn about positive reinforcement training/ prepare for Sr. Therapy Dog

Jesuit multicultural society

Coach/Moderator: Tanyika Carter and Raul Ornelas

Description: Awareness and appreciation of various cultures and other aspects of diversity.

Key Club

Coach/Moderator: Raul Ornelas and Ky Vu

Description: Develops personal initiative, leadership, citizenship, and service

Life Pak

Coach/Moderator: Rich Perry

Description: Support the homeless by creating "Life Paks" with essentials

Lone Rangers

Coach/Moderator: Joseph Wood

Description: Support Jesuit sports/extracurricular activities, school spirit

Mentoring and Guiding Ignatian Students (MAGIS)

Coach/Moderator: Joseph Nava and Tanyika Carter

Description: Mentoring program for middle schoolers participating in Jesuit's Higher Achievement Program (HAP)

Music Ministry

Description: prepare music for liturgies, prayer service, and spiritual gatherings


Coach/Moderator: Paul McDaniel

Description: Teach leadership through group dynamics and community service

Student Council

Coach/Moderator: Colin Hanley, Timothy Howard, and Austin Hatton

Description: Peer elected Student Leadership group that serves as a liason between the student body and school administration.

United to Lead

Coach/Moderator: Michael Riemer and Katie Segal

Description: United to Lead is a student movement that is designed to equip high school sophomores with the tools that they need to become advocates for educational equity. United to Lead Fellows will take part in a six-month fellowship to create relationships that cross traditional boundaries, understand the levers of educational equity, and become skilled advocates for our community schools. Students will actively participate in design thinking challenges and explore their power to impact their communities. Students involved in the United to Lead program will also serve in local public elementary schools providing mentoring and one-on-one tutoring.

Special Interest Clubs and Activities

1 Million 4 Anna Club

Coach/Moderator: Patrick Triplett

Description: Dedicated to supporting the events of the 1 Million for Anna Foundation

American Sign Language

Coach/Moderator: T.J. Howard

Description: Learning sign language for the purpose of community service and outreach

Anime Club

Coach/Moderator: Michele Elchlepp and Margaret Rodriguez

Description: Enjoy some anime with your Jesuit brothers

Art Club

Coach/Moderator: Joe Howard

Description: Sharing the passion for art through a variety of formats

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Coach/Moderator: Imon Ferguson 

Description: Coding and learning about AI with the goal of producing problem-solving projects

Aviation Club

Coach/Moderator: Dennis Kamara

Description: Engage in information and contacts with regards to private and commercial aviation

Basketball Club

Coach/Moderator: Mark Knize

Description: This student group participates in non-UIL basketball rec games in a Plano Recreation League.

Board and Card Game Club

Coach/Moderator: Matt Shoemaker

Description: Building community together through gaming. All are welcome.

Car Club

Coach/Moderator: Ky Vu, Tom Kennedy, and Peter Gehan

Description: Purpose to learn about Car restoration –applied Technology and Engineering

Chess Club

Coach/Moderator: Joe Nava

Description: Promoting Chess by hosting tournament fundraisers for local causes

Culinary Club

Coach/Moderator: Carly Vollet

Description: Cook and eat dishes the boys want to make; competitions and service projects.

Dallas Pro Sports Club

Coach/Moderator: Imon Furguson 

Description: Discuss all pro sports teams in Dallas, including local sports broadcasts

Drone Club

Coach/Moderator: Michael Couvillon

Description: Facilitates interest in modern aviation while providing media for school use

Engineering Club

Coach/Moderator: Ramsey Kweik

Description: Outreach activities with engineering


Coach/Moderator: Seth Waits

Description: Discuss, debate, predict sporting events / contests & forums

eSports club

Coach/Moderator: Ky Vu

Description: For students interested in PC and console gaming.

Fantasy Portfolio Club

Coach/Moderator: Matt Upton

Description: Learning management through fantasy stock portfolios

Fantasy Sports Club

Coach/Moderator: Fritz Asche

Description: Friendly gatherings to discuss sports within the framework of a fantasy league

Film Appreciation Society

Coach/Moderator: Colin Hanley

Description: View and discuss film from all genres

Fishing Club

Coach/Moderator: Peter Billingham

Description: Enjoy building community through the sport of fishing

French Club

Coach/Moderator: Julie Richard

Description: Promotes French Language and Culture thru quarterly movie nights with area private schools.

Hip-Hop Appreciation

Coach/Moderator: Kbrom Yohannes and Rob McGhee

Description: Discuss the relevance of historical and modern hip-hop/rap music.


Coach/Moderator: Imon Furguson

Description: Open and engaging discussions that share ideas regarding current events

Investment Club

Coach/Moderator: Ky Vu

Description: Students interested in financing and investments

JBA (Jesuit Basketball Association)

Coach/Moderator: Ken Howell, and Tim Murphy

Description: Enjoy club basketball with your friends

JBDL (Jesuit Basketball Developmental League)

Coach/Moderator: Joseph Nava and Ky Vu

Description: Club basketball for freshman and sophomores that prepares them for the JBA

Jesuit Competitive Shooting Team

Coach/Moderator: Madeline Maggard

Description: JCST is a club team of students who enjoy competitive shooting (skeet, trap, sporting clays and steel challenge). Emphasis is on gun safety, discipline and competing as a team. Although there is an average of one tournament or match a month, participation in the tournaments and matches is not a requirement for club membership. All students must successfully complete the NRA Basic Shotgun/Pistol Shooting course and demonstrate safe gun handling to participate. Membership, therefore, is not automatic. (Scholastic Clay Shooting Sports & Scholastic Action Shooting Program provide much of the team's guidelines, rules & expectations.)

Jesuit Fair Trade Club

Coach/Moderator: Patrick Parker

Description: Educate the community on fair trade practices; promote and source fair trade goods.

Jesuit Jazz Band

Coach/Moderator: Donovan Putnam and Zane Crownover

Description: Musicians from band that would like to play jazz music outside of class.

Jesuit Musicians Union

Coach/Moderator: Corey Marr

Description: Provide an opportunity to all students to learn about music and perform

Jesuit Political Society

Coach/Moderator: Fritz Asche

Description: Share in group discussions and presentations regarding current events

Jesuit Ranger Sports Network (Sports Information Club)

Coach/Moderator: Bryan Montgomery

Description: The student work group for the Sports Information Department.

Jesuit SCUBA

Coach/Moderator: Jeffery Allen

Description: Jesuit SCUBA serves to share the love of SCUBA diving and to increase members knowledge of all aspects of the sport.

Launch X Club

Coach/Moderator: Dea Ochs

Description: Launch X Club is a national organization that guides members in developing their own business.

Model UN

Coach/Moderator: Koob Yohannes

Description: Students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees

Pro-Life Club

Coach/Moderator: Gretchen Crowder and Christopher Knight

Description: To raise awareness and support issues regarding Life.

Quiz Bowl

Coach/Moderator: Elizabeth Bramlett and Koob Yohannes

Description: Trivia competitions covering subjects that range from Calculus to the Kardashians

Recycling Club

Coach/Moderator: Leanne Applegate and Elizabeth Bramlett

Description: Facilitate a culture that promotes recycling efforts

Smash Bros Club

Coach/Moderator: Parker Hornsby

Description: Smash bros gaming with fellow Jesuit students


Coach/Moderator: Daniel Brndjar

Description: Enjoy the shared interest of spikeball while building community through games

Stage & Film

Coach/Moderator: Carlos Acevedo , Chris Patterson, and Parker Hornsby

Description: Perform main stage productions, improv, and community service

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Switch Squad

Coach/Moderator: Elizabeth Bramlett

Description: Meet new people while gaming through Nintendo Switch

TedEd Club

Coach/Moderator: Claudio Eduardo Pinto

Description:Celebrate the ideals of Jesuit and interact with creative ideas, and assist students in public speaking and TED talks.

Video Game Programming Club

Coach/Moderator: Matt Trost

Description: Students work as a team to create a 3D video game