This year's Topic: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on the legal immigration to the United States.

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Two Varsity Debate Teams Reach Quarterfinals of State Championships; Jesuit places historic Six Teams in Top 20

Two Varisty Debate teams reached the quarterfinals and a historic six Jesuit teams in total placed in the top 20 of the Texas Forensic Association State Championships which were held at Alief Taylor High School in Houston over Spring Break.  The Debate Teams of senior Riler Holcombe and Jack Moore and senior Jack Griffiths and junior Garrett Nagorzanski earned 5th place honors after the reaching the quarterfinals; the team of seniors Ashik Amar and Logan Kim earned 9th place honors after losing in the third elimination round; and the teams of junior Adam Hall and senior Chris Tran, seniors Gio Ferrer-Falto and Ethan Jackson, and seniors Jack Madden and Pete Weigman earned 17th place honors after losing in the second elimination round.  Jesuit was the only school with 6 teams in the top 20 and two teams in the quarterfinals. As a result of their top 20 finishes all 12 debaters earn All-State Honors. Texas has the largest and most competitive state championships in the country with 120 teams from 60 public and private schools of all sizes qualifying for the championships this year. This year's finishes mark the 20th consecutive year that Jesuit has placed a team in the top 20 at the state championships which is the longest streak of any school in the state.      

In addition to the team awards, seven Jesuit debaters earned top 20 individual speaker awards out of over 200 competitors.  Jack Moore was recognized as the 3rd, Chris Tran 4th, Adam Hall 6th, Jack Griffiths 13th, Ethan Jackson 16th, and Riler Holcombe 20th individual speaker.  Jesuit was the only school with more than 3 debaters in top 20.

In addition to Coach McFarland and Coach Lingel, the team was joined by Jesuit Debate alum Cameron O’Bannon ‘05, Ryan Gorman ‘11, and Bennett Harrison ‘15 as well as former coach and faculty member Mark Batik who assisted with coaching and judging the historic 8 teams that Jesuit qualified this year.