Rangerettes from Ursuline Academy


Effective immediately through the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year.

Article I. Purpose

The purpose of the Jesuit Rangerettes drill team shall be threefold: 1) Perform and entertain audiences through precision dances, compete in dance/drill team competitions and 2) boost morale and spirit of both Jesuit and Ursuline.The drill team shall develop character, leadership, and individual responsibility in each member while maintaining high moral standards.It is the drill team members’ purpose to represent the schools in a manner in which will reflect credit upon the schools as well as upon the members of the organization.Each member agrees to abide by the rules and regulations in this constitution.

Article II. Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Members in this organization shall be restricted to Ursuline girls: freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. (incoming freshmen may audition)
  2. At least one parent/guardian for each candidate must be present at the orientation meeting or must contact the director prior to the meeting if a conflict arises.
  3. Candidates are encouraged to have an overall “C” average at the time of tryouts.
  4. All candidates must be on time and attend all tryout practices.
  5. Students will perform a specific required routine at tryouts.Judging will be based on appearance, showmanship, dance ability, flexibility, knowledge of material, kicks and splits.
  6. The performance of the candidate for the line will be evaluated by a panel of three qualified judges.
  7. Members will have on file: online information sheet, all Ursuline athletics forms, Ursuline medical release form, and signed constitution.
  8. Candidates must follow the school policy for any disciplinary action.
  9. Candidates may not see their scores unless they were not chosen for the team.Those not chosen may see their scores one week after tryouts.
  10. Anyone who meets the above qualifications will not be discriminated against because of race, creed or handicap.

Article III. Personal Qualifications

  1. A candidate must want to be a drill team member and must be willing to accept critique that will help her attain the team standard and make her work enjoyable.
  2. A candidate must have perfection as her goal and understand that the schedule and discipline of a drill team member demands a high degree of determination, hard work, strength and dedication.Each student may be corrected in front of the group.A candidate must understand that it is a privilege, not a right, to be a drill team member.
  3. A candidate must be willing to abide by the rules, follow directions from director and officers and demonstrate responsibility at all times.
  4. A candidate must have good coordination and the ability to learn and memorize dances in a short period of time for performances.
  5. A candidate must understand that any decision made by the director and/or officers is in the best interest of the team.You must have a desire to cooperate to be one of the group.Individual exhibitions are not for Rangerettes.
  6. A candidate must want to learn to act as in drama.Projection is very important.
  7. Rangerettes will be encouraged to be aware of their appearance both in and out of drill team.
  8. A candidate must enjoy learning dances, performing and promoting school spirit.
  9. A candidate must be willing to participate in all fundraisers, activities and trips 100%. All fundraisers will benefit the team rather than the individual.Quotas will be set per fundraiser.
  10. A candidate will be asked to get a physical from a doctor or a physician yielding that you are physically able to complete all requirements of the line including kicks daily or running.Medical certification may be required if a health condition arises that interferes with your ability to participate.Communicating that certification to the director is your responsibility.
  11. Members must complete all medical requirements for Ursuline and stay up-to-date with medical compliance.
  12. Elite dance team members will be chosen based on technical dance skills and kicks. This group will be limited to only the strongest dancers.

Article IV. Membership

A. Line Drill Team members must try out each year.There is no set number on the team.

B. Members will participate in all activities in which the organization is involved.

C. Members must exhibit and maintain a satisfactory attitude toward school policies and regulations.

D. All members are required to attend drill team summer camp unless there is a school conflict or a family emergency.No member may leave camp for any reason other than illness or death in the family.The member may only leave with a relative who must contact the director prior to camp if at all possible. If a member does miss camp they will be ineligible to perform at the first and possibly the second football game. This does not include new members to the team.

E. The term of membership shall be recognized as the time immediately following tryouts through tryouts of the following year.

F. All financial obligations must be met.All school property must be returned in satisfactory condition or paid in full.

G. Members may be a part of outside activities.Rangerettes must come first except for school events.If a schedule conflict arises, you will be a dance team member first.Participating in another activity which causes you to miss a dance team activity will be considered an unexcused absence.

H. Members are financially obligated for their own uniforms, fundraisers and fees.All payments are final.There will be no refunds or exchanges.All financial obligations must be fulfilled by the established deadlines and cleared by the end of the dance team term.

I. Members will participate in all activities in which the organization is involved.This includes all socials and activities that promote team bonding outside of practice.Exceptions may be approved by the director.

J. Members must exhibit and maintain a satisfactory attitude toward school policies and regulations.

Article V. Parental Permission and Responsibilities

  1. Parents must give their permission for their daughter to fulfill all of the responsibilities of being a member of drill team before she is officially accepted.
  2. Parents must be willing to meet all financial obligations (by the set deadlines) involved in having their daughter as a drill team member.Unfortunately, scholarships do not exist.
  3. If financial obligations are not met by due dates the member will not be allowed to perform until it is paid. If there is a balance at the end of the year it will be turned over to Ursuline and records could possibly be held.
  4. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from activities, except when transportation is provided by the school or director.Points will be deducted from any student who is not picked up 15 minutes after a function concludes.
  5. Parents will be encouraged to participate in various Booster Club activities.These activities help defray costs for each member of the team.
  6. Parents must be willing to cooperate with the director and keep her informed of dates that might conflict with drill team activities.

    Article VI.Practice Session Responsibilities
  1. Practice will be required each Monday and Wednesday after school in the fall semester and Monday afternoons and Wednesday nights in the second semester. There will also be occasional Saturday team practices. Ensembles and Elite team will also practice outside of regularly scheduled practices. Wednesday and Friday morning band practices are also required during the first semester. Physical Education, Fine Arts or a General Elective Credit will be received for this class and all practice requirements for performances which will be evaluated by the director(s) as for any other academic class.
  2. Summer practice sessions will be held.Members are encouraged to attend.
  3. Veteran members are required to work Lil Rangerettes Summer Camps unless there is a school conflict.
  4. Occasionally summer technique classes will be offered. All members are encouraged to attend,
  5. Members must arrive on time to practice and stay until dismissed by the director(s).
  6. Members must attend school on the day of a performance in order to be eligible to attend that performance.
  7. Members must attend school the day after a performance or trip if applicable.
  8. Any member who sits out for 15 min or longer is moved to the back of a formation.She may remain in the routine.More than one 15 min session per day yields that the student may be replaced permanently at the discretion of the director. If a student is ill but is present she may stay in the routine but be moved in the formation.This may be evaluated on an individual basis for example doctor’s note must have a date for return to activity.
  9. It is the responsibility of each member to notify the director(s), her officer and manager of her absence before drill team practice begins. Lack of notification results in the appropriate points deductions. Director(s) email address lcoffin@jesuitcp.org or debrapullenroth@gmail.com
  10. Work is not an excused absence from practice or performance.Also, work is not an excuse for leaving a drill team event early or arriving late.
  11. Unless approved by the director(s), doctor/dentist appointments along with driver’s ed., obtaining a driver’s license and outside activities are unexcused absences and will result in the appropriate point deductions.
  12. Cell phones must be turned off or on silent during all practices. Members may not check phones on breaks. Phones will be placed in squad bags during practices.

Article VII. Routine Evaluation and Performance

  1. At the discretion of the director(s), all members will try out for every routine unless ill or injured.Before each performance there will be one and only one routine evaluation.A member unable to meet the team standards set for that performance will not be allowed to perform that particular performance.However, she must attend the performance in uniform and assume her responsibilities as usual.
  2. Any girl who misses a practice with or without the band may be eliminated from anyperformance.This schedule may change depending on the rehearsal schedule.
  3. Any member who has missed routine evaluations may be eliminated from a performance.
  4. Any member who does not show knowledge of a routine may be eliminated from a performance.
  5. Each football routine will be performed twice (one home game and one away game). The forms will not be reset for the second game unless there is time regardless of evaluation.
  6. The director(s) has the final decision on who makes the performances and that decision may not be argued.
  7. Inability to perform:
    1. Any member suffering from illness or injury will be excused from workouts or performance only by a written note from a doctor.
    2. Grade probation:any member failing to meet the grade requirements as set forth by Ursuline Academy guidelines will not be allowed to participate
    3. Any member “cut” from a particular performance must remain dressed out and present for all subsequent workouts and/or performances.She must continue to work out and uphold all responsibilities.
    4. Football season: Failure to make summer payments by deadlines.
    5. Contest season: Failure to make contest payment set by deadline.
  1. Football Games
    1. A complete uniform check will be held prior to all activities and performances.This includes hair and makeup.Members will meet at designated location and time.Members will march to and from the game as a group.
    2. In order to be focused, members will remain in stands with the team with the exception of 3rd quarter break. Members may visit friends and family during this time. All members must be back in their seats with two minutes left in the third quarter. Failure to return on time will cause the member to lose third quarter privilege the next week. The director(s) reserves the right to rescind third quarter privilege at any time. Ladylike conduct is expected in the stands as well as third quarter.
    3. Uniforms may only be worn for performances.
    4. There will be no gum chewing at games or performances.
    5. There will be no eating in the stands except during third quarter.
    6. Cell phones may not be used at any time during a game or performance with the exception of third quarter for football games.
    7. Members will participate in the cheers/dances initiated by cheerleaders, officers and band.
    8. No part of the uniform may be removed during the game unless designated by the director or captain.
    9. All members will attend all pre district, district, and playoff games.Any absence that is not approved will result in the appropriate point deduction.Family vacations and college visits are unexcused absences, please plan accordingly.
    10. All members will ride the designated team bus to and from performances. Members may ride home with parents if, and only if, the performance is near their home.

Article VIII. Other Athletic Performance

A.The team will perform at Jesuit and Ursuline basketball games as well as Jesuit soccer games and rugby events.

B.These performances are mandatory and all rules from football season will apply.

C.Other performances may be required.

Article IX. Absences and Tardies

  1. Every member must be present for every practice session, game, camp, pep rally etc…Only excused absences, (approved by director) will be accepted and each will be evaluated individually.Parental grounding, work or bad weather will not be excused.
  2. An unexcused absence will result in point deductions.
  3. Any member who has missed practice will be eliminated from a performance. The director(s) will choose the performance. This decision will be based on how it affects the team’s performance.
  4. If a member is tardy to practice or absent for any reason and the line has renumbered or numbered, the member will automatically be dropped to an alternate position and will be worked in if needed. If a member is worked in they will be placed in the back of all formations.
  5. If a member is absent more than allowed by the state, the member may not receive credit for the class and may be dismissed.

Article X. Grades: Pass/Fail

A.Grade will be determined by the number of point deductions each semester.

Article XI. Uniforms and Equipment

  1. Members will purchase their own practice uniforms, parts of the field uniform, and other necessary clothing required.
  2. All financial obligations regarding uniforms must be concluded by the deadline set forth by the director.Students who have not made payments by the deadline will not perform until the payment has been made in full.
  3. Uniforms are to be clean, and good condition and fit properly before each performance. The uniforms must conform to the standard set by the director(s). This includes hair and makeup.
  4. Members must wear a designated uniform to practice and performance.
  5. All designated uniforms will be worn by members only and only when designated by the director to publicly represent team membership.
  6. Each member will be assigned a field uniform and garment bag. The member assumes full responsibility for the care of the uniform and props. Prior to the end of school or dismissal from the team, all uniforms bought by the team must be returned in satisfactory condition. If not, she will pay full replacement costs for the missing or damaged parts.
  7. A cleaning fee may be charged for each uniform returned not cleaned at the end of the year.
  8. The initial costs of all required uniforms, camp wear, and camp will be approximately $1500 to be paid in 3 installments during the months of June, July and August. Items will be ordered as the payment is received.Items ordered late will be more expensive as the cost for an individual item is more expensive.The increase in cost is the responsibility of the family.
  9. If a member quits at any time they are responsible for full payment with no refunds.
  10. Any student who has not paid in full by August 15 will not perform in the first football game. There will be additional contest fees once a trip is determined. All contest fees must be paid by the deadlines given by the director(s) or the member may not participate. There will be no refunds.
  11. Small additional costs may vary for big sis/lil sis gifts, football, supplies, Christmas, Spring show, banquet and some community service projects.
  12. Each member will be issued various props and equipment for use throughout the year.The member assumes full responsibility for the care of these items until return.

Article XII. Transportation

  1. Transportation for most events will be provided by the team. All members are required to ride to and from drill team activities/ functions in the designated provided transportation. Emergency situations will be handled according to school handbook policy and individually by the director and or school administration. Non emergencies must be approved by the director prior to the activity.
  2. Location of football game/contest may determine if a member may leave with a parent. A email from the parent must be sent to the director(s) at Wednesday practice in order to be able to leave at the end of the game with parents. Parents will be meet their daughters at the bus after the game.
  3. Members will conduct themselves appropriately on all trips and abide by all bus regulations.
  4. Parents may be asked to help in sponsoring out of town performances.
  5. When planning a family event make arrangements to be back in town 48 hours prior to a team function.Point deductions for an unexcused absence will result if a member is absent or tardy.Delayed flight and/or airport drama are not excused unless the drama occurred before the 48 hour time frame.For example, if camp is Monday July 16, plan to be back in town on Saturday not Sunday. If your flight is delayed you will have 24 hours to create plan “b”. Point deductions will be given if the drama happened Sunday but not if it happened Saturday.
  6. Carpools will need to be arranged for some members to get to and from after school and/or morning practices. Parents will be expected to assist in this area.
  7. For local contests parents will be expected to drive their daughters to and from these events or arrange a carpool with another parent. Girls are not allowed to drive themselves to and from contests.

Article XIII. Managers

  1. There may be 1 or more managers (non performing members) selected by the director to uphold all duties, rules and regulations presented in this constitution.
  2. Managers are responsible to the director and will arrive along with officers 15 minutes earlier than the line.
  3. Managers will attend all performances (in uniform) and all practices. Managers will also participate in various fundraising and other designated functions.
  4. Managers will keep attendance and demerits as well as other records of the team.
  5. Managers are required to help organize the closet and keep track of music.

Article XIV.Dance Officers and Social Officers

  1. A separate constitution/demerits exist for officers and sergeants. Only current members in grades 10 and 11 may try out for dance officer. Girls with one year of service may audition for Social Officer.Candidates must attend a mandatory parent/student orientation meeting prior to tryouts.

Article XV. Contest

  1. The drill team will attend several competitions during the winter and spring. All team members must attend every contest unless on probation.
  2. All members must attend tryouts before they will be allowed to perform. Formations will be set mathematically.All members are not guaranteed to perform. Alternates will be chosen. Tryouts will be used for all competition routines, but not every competition.
  3. All members must attend every practice session and competition in order to practice and prepare the routines. The director(s) will select the most qualified alternate in the case a position becomes available.
  4. Following tryouts, those members selected to perform must attend every practice prior to the competition in order to secure their place. If a member in the routine misses more than one day prior to a competition, her position in the routine may be permanently replaced by an alternate. If a member misses a performance of a contest routine she may be replaced.
  5. Team members may be responsible for all financial obligations related to the contest. This includes, bus and hotel rental. There will be no refunds.
  6. The director(s) will decide on all contest destinations.
  7. Contest trips are not considered family vacations and allowances will not be made to accommodate your family members including team member.
  8. Members will be expected to be with the team the entire trip. This includes travel and overnight accommodations.
  9. Members should plan ahead for absences for trips when it comes to their academics.

Article XVI. Conduct

Drill Team members must display appropriate behavior both in and out of school.Dismissal or suspension from the team may occur for reasons including but not limited to:

    1. Smoking
    2. Use of alcohol and/or drugs
    3. Physical fighting in school or at a school function
    4. Suspension from drill team or from school more than once in a semester.
    5. Failure to comply with school rules and regulations
    6. Lack of participation fails to follow instruction from director or officers.
    7. Lack of respect towards director, officers or fellow teammates.
    8. No visible tattoos at all in any uniform.
    9. No visible body piercing in the Rangerettes environment.
    10. Inappropriate use of Social Media in referring to the organization, the director(s), team members or schools.
    11. See list of point deductions.

Article XVII. Probation/ Suspension

  1. General Probation or suspension including the point system means temporary dismissal from the team not class time.The duration and intensity will be determined by the director and/or Ursuline Academy.A member on probation will not participate in drill team activities, performances or practices.
  2. Scholastic Probation

a.Ursuline Academy determines eligibility for all Rangerettes.

b.Ursuline Academy will communicate with the director in regards to member eligibility.

  1. General probationary considerations
    1. Failure to comply with any regulation as stated in the constitution may result in probation for the member in question until the reason for probation is corrected to the satisfaction of the director(s) and the administrators.

Article XVIII. Point Deductions

  1. The director(s), officers, and managers will be responsible for handling demerits.Deductions will be given to discourage behavior that interferes with practices, performances or general appearance of the team.The 1st Lt. and managers will document the demerits in the team demerit notebook.
  2. Deductions will be accumulated throughout the year. Deductions may only be removed by the Director(s).If a member feels she has wrongfully received a point deduction, she should notify the director immediately.
  3. Members may be notified through email or in person of deductions. The director(s)will be copied on all emails.
  4. Upon accumulation of 8 points a member will sit out of a performance. The member will be expected to attend the event in full uniform but will not be allowed to dance.

Article XIX. Awards

A. Dancer of the week and spirit girl are selected for that week’s performance by the officers and/or Director(s).This honor is dependent upon dance ability, attitude, work ethic and consistency.

B. Banquet awards are chosen either by a vote of the team and/or by the director(s).

Article XX. Dress Code

Team members will dress in a lady like manner at all times. School dress code is followed!You are a human billboard for our team image. Please represent our team with class and lady like effort.

  1. Appropriate shorts, pants or skirts of appropriate length.Not sheer.
  2. No visible undergarments.
  3. Appropriate tops.Not sheer.
  4. Make up…tasteful.Hair… a natural color.
  5. Hair accessories.Only hair accessories are to be worn in hair for example, decorative combs, clips head bands and scarves.
  6. Shoes in good condition.

Article XXI. Body Language

It is understood that poor body carriage, lifeless arms and lack of dancing full out during practice or performance gives the appearance of a dancer who does not make the team a priority.Each member of the team represents the team and community throughout the team year and will be expected to do so with appropriate body carriage, positive attitude and energy.

Article XXII. Audition for Outside Activities

It is understood that any current team member who chooses to audition for an outside program/activity will fully participate 100% in all drill team activities, practices or performances even if the time frame of the outside audition conflicts with team activities.Outside auditions/practice/performance is considered an unexcused absence and will result in demerits and possible dismissal from the drill team.Rangerettes will not be a part of an outside competition performance team that conflicts with Rangerettes.The Rangerettes contest calendar will be issued in the fall each year.

Article XXII. Parent Booster Club

A.There will be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sponsorship positions.

B.All parents are members of the booster club.

C.All parents are expected to help with all activities including fundraising.

D.Senior Class parents are responsible for organizing Ranger Day Breakfast.

E.Sophomore Class parents are responsible for organizing banquet.

F.Junior Class parents are responsible for organizing Spring Show.

G.All money raised through team and booster club fundraising will be used for uniform/contest costumes, transportation, choreography and music needs, team props, camp needs, team gifts such as but not limited to banquet gifts, Spring Show needs, and any other items the director(s) feel is necessary to the team.

Article XXII. Constitutional Changes

  1. The constitution is subject to change at any time.
  2. If necessary, the director may alter rules in the constitution according to the situation (ex. A member becomes ill at an out of town football game.The member will be allowed to be transported home with friends after contacting parents.)
  3. The director may add Articles to the Constitution as needed for that particular high school drill team.
  4. The director may enforce other rules as they become necessary during the school year for the benefit of the organization.