Rangerettes from Ursuline Academy


Points will be deducted from 100 for the following infractions.

  1. Tardy to practice or performance. If you are with a teacher you MUST bring a note. 2 points
  2. Wearing the incorrect attire for practice. 1 point
  3. Wearing the incorrect performance attire. 1 point
  4. Missing any piece of any uniform. 1 point
  5. Missing equipment. 1 point
  6. Leaving items at practice or performances. 1 point
  7. Hair not up correctly and out of face. 1 point
  8. Arriving at performances without being ready. 1 point
  9. Wearing jewelry at a practice or performance. 1 point
  10. Nail polish at a performance unless it is clear or French (Neutral colors for football games are acceptable). 1 point
  11. Failure to wear correct make-up for performances. 1 point
  12. Chewing gum at practice or performance. 1 point
  13. Talking and/or moving while at attention. 1 point
  14. Failure to come to attention. 1 point
  15. Failure to notify the directors, squad officer or carpool driver of an absence or tardy ahead of time. 1 point
  16. Leaving early from a practice or performance without prior notification. 1 point
  17. Eating in the stands or using cell phones during any quarter except third quarter during a football game. 2 points
  18. Uniform not in good condition. 2 points
  19. Boots or hat not polished or cleaned. 2 points
  20. Failure to cooperate or participate. 5 points
  21. Disrespect or negative attitudes towards the director(s), officers, or a team member.*16 points
  22. Inappropriate conduct in or out of uniform. This includes but is not limited to smoking, alcohol, bullying, drugs.*minimum of 32 points with possible dismissal from the team.
  23. Inappropriate use of social media which may or may not include the team’s name, its’ members, and/or directors with Social Media including but not limited to: the internet, texting, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram.* minimum of 32 points with possible dismissal from the team.
  24. Inappropriate conduct at school.* Consequences will be determine by the school.

The Rangerettes organization fully supports Ursuline Academy and Jesuit College Prep in all areas of conduct and discipline. Rangerettes are expected to uphold all academic/conduct standards as well as the Academy’s Honor Code.

* Can result in automatic withdrawal from the team.

With a deduction of every eight points a member will be required to attend the next performance but will not perform.