Student Life

Guidance and Counseling

Because Jesuit education extends beyond intellectual mastery to formation of the whole person, all students are beneficiaries of the counseling program, which provides a developmental approach to students. The guidance program is student-centered, based on the student's needs and desired outcomes and rooted in the philosophies set forth by St. Ignatius of Loyola in his writings regarding Christian education and Christian values. The Jesuit Dallas guidance program helps each student to develop his talents in a direction beneficial to the student and to society.

The guidance program supports the academic, spiritual, and psychological development of each student, with the purpose of developing the ideals described by the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation: Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Physically Fit, Loving, Religious and Committed to Working for Justice.

Grade-level counselors work with individual students, in guidance groups, with parents and educators to strive for the magis in each student. There are two or more counselors on each of the four grade levels.