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Freshman Counseling

Freshman counseling & guidance is a student-centered program that helps students complete a successful transition to high school academically, spiritually and socially. Through reflection, individual/group discussion, and teambuilding, students are encouraged to explore and experience growth in their personal values, learning styles, communication, learning preferences, discernment and leadership skills. Through weekly small group sessions, students will be given the chance to reflect, evaluate and create an action plan to prepare for a variety of real life situations. Issues in regard to respecting self and others, as well as acceptance and inclusion, are discussed. All students develop ongoing self-improvement plans through activities and discussions that include goal setting and student-teacher interaction. Development of self-advocacy skills and the outcomes associated with cause/effect and risk/reward relationships are often best explored in the safety and comfort of a small group setting. Making good decisoions and problem-solving is explored throughout the year. Guidance also assists students in making extracurricular choices, some of which include ministry activities, athletic options, leadership development, academic competitions and the performing arts.


Corey Marr

Corey Marr

Timothy Murphy

Timothy Murphy

Tim Host

Tim Host

Important Information

Freshman Retreat:

Date:  Monday, October 7th 7:45 am to 3:45 pm

Location:  Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas

All freshman are required to attend the Freshman Retreat.  The retreat will start with a family mass at 8:00 am.  All families are invited to attend. 

Students do NOT need to bring anything for the day – NO backpacks, cell phones, iPads, etc. 

Dress is casual – shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc.  Athletic shoes required. 

Lunch will be provided.

Ranger Day:

Date:  Friday, October 25th

Time:  7:50 am to 12:00 noon

A tradition at Jesuit that the boys look forward to – a day of games and contests.

Noon dismissal.

  • Wear casual clothing (either your BBQ 2023 shirt, or freshman retreat t-shirt and shorts)
  • Arrive in homeroom at 7:50 am.  Face and body paint is allowed only AFTER 9:00 am when the games begin.
  • Gym games at 8:00 am.  Game and live music from 9:00 to 10:50 am throughout campus.
  • Chariot races begin at 11:00 am.  Each freshman homeroom decorates a chariot that is raced on the football field track at the end of Ranger Day.  Parents are welcome to watch. 
  • Lunch is provided. 

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Date:  Monday, October 14th and Tuesday, October 15th

Sign up begins at 7:00 pm on Sunday, October 6th  until 7:00 pm on Sunday, October 13th

Students are dismissed at 2:25pm on both conference days.