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The characteristics of Jesuit Education emphasize how a community can best provide affirming and safe schools. God is especially revealed in the mystery of the human person, “created in the image and likeness of God.”

Jesuit education, therefore, probes the meaning of human life and is concerned with the total formation of each student as an individual loved by God. The objective of a Jesuit education is to assist in the fullest possible development of all the God-given talents of each individual person as a member of the human community.


Crisis Response at Jesuit

In the event of any crisis - international, national, local, or at Jesuit - Jesuit immediately puts the predetermined crisis management team in motion.  This team meets regularly and is prepared to implement emergency and crisis plans at any point in the year. The core team includes the president, the principal, the administrative team, and members of the counseling department. In addition, support staff gathers to handle the clerical and staff details of the plans, i.e. announcements, ministry, social media, phone information, food, media contact, and other supportive measures.

  • Communications are sent to the broader community as soon as possible.
    • Additional resources with regard to grief, dealing with loss, and other appropriate mental health topics are sent to parents for support outside of school hours.
  • Administration and counselors meet with students and faculty.
  • Spaces are provided on campus for students and faculty in need of additional assistance, both in small group and individual basis. 
  • Counselors available to students. 
  • Rooms and common areas provided for small groups if necessary
    • Of the three methods of intervention, school selects the best format or combination:
      • Assembly Groups
      • Individual Counseling
      • Pastoral care available from the Jesuits and Campus Ministry
  • Additional outside counselors and therapists on campus are made available to students and faculty during school hours following a crisis.
  • Faculty and staff are equipped with additional resources for student outreach and ongoing support.

Emergency Hotlines

In the case of any emergency, any student or family should utilize 911 or the closest hospital Emergency Room
Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas
24-hour crisis line 214-828-1000
Teen Contact
24 hour crisis line 972-233-8336

Counselor Contact Information

Every student has an assigned Guidance counselor. Click here to see the grade level counselors and student assignments:

Student and parents should feel free to contact a counselor with any question or topic.

Parent Wellness Night

Our next speaker in the Counseling Department speaker series will be Vanita Haliburton of the Haliburton Foundation. 

Dates:  October 14th and 15th during Parent/Teacher Conferences during the 5:00 pm break

Location:  Terry Center

Topics addressed include:            

  • Recognizing signs of distress in teens
  • Promoting brain health
  • Fostering resiliency and strong coping skills
  • Warning signs of suicidal behavior
  • Finding help for struggling teens