Student Life

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety, stress, and depression are real and human experiences that enter into the lives - actively or passively - of adolescents in the 21st century. As a school that supports the entire person, Jesuit provides various opportunities for students and parents to learn more about internal and external supports for anxiety and depression. It is important to note that each individual is different and has different needs. Thus, it is important that each family reaches out to counselors or outside therapists for personal attention and intervention.

If you need help understanding various moods, emotions, or feelings that are being expressed by your student, please contact the appropriate grade level counselor. The counselor, if recommended or requested, can provide guidance to outside referrals for therapists or support organizations.

Ignatian Day Resources:

In 2018/2019, we asked all families to participate in a day of reflection on wellness. Representatives from various departments constructed a site to facilitate important conversations about social, emotional/mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  • Support for Mental and Emotional Health - Everyone is loved. Everyone is a sign of God's friendship. And everyone is important. In addition to providing crisis guidance, this resource engages a good reflection on the support available for mental health.
  • Benefit of Social and Interpersonal Relationships - This compilation provides quick reminders of the importance of love for self and empathy with others. It also incorporates social media as a vehicle for connection.
  • Importance of Physical Health - This resource provides various videos and resources that reveal or emphasize the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • Value of Spiritual Health - In addition to providing several prayers and Examens, various faculty provided resources to help one be centered on faith and hope.

Parent Resources

Ways to help yourself and your child manage stress

Teenage Mood Swings or Something More? Identifying, Managing, and Protecting Against Depression in Teens (May 3, 2018) - Moodiness is common in adolescence, but how do you know when changes in a teen's mood and behavior might be signs of something more? Dr. Sarah Horton of Therapy Dallas provided parents and faculty with strategies for identifying, managing, and protecting against depression in teens. (click here to view the slides)

Fostering Wellness During Adolescence: Understanding struggles, protective factors, and parental influence (October 24, 2018) - Dr. Kristen Ohlenforst of Therapy Dallas spoke about the differences between observations that are developmentally typical and those that are cause for concern. This was geared towards families and faculty and provided insight into the importance of exercise, diet, sleep, cognition, emotional regular, and social functioning. (click here to view the slides)

Student Projects:

These resources were created by students and for students. They were done by senior students in Anatomy and Physiology and made available to all students. All work was done in an educational setting for the purpose of learning more about the various topics.