Student Life

Substance Use Education

Jesuit is firmly committed to keeping our campus drug and alcohol free, but we acknowledge the forces which pull our students in other directions:  households have their own rules and expectations, the Media portrays substance use as a right of passage, and adolescents are constantly searching for physical symbols of maturity and social capital.  As students gain independence and parents look to offer healthy boundaries for their sons, the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol must be clearly addressed.  Our goal here is to help facilitate that conversation at home by sharing the language, efforts, and programs students will experience while they are here at Jesuit Dallas.

Who can I talk to?

  •  Your Parents: Even when they don’t like our decisions, parents will always love us.  Consider talking to them first, especially if your substance use is starting to feel beyond your control.
  • Your Counselor:  Student’s rarely bring Jesuit’s counselors problems they have not heard before.  Even though you may feel like the first person to experience a problem, chances are that your school counselor has helped someone else with a similar issue.  It is always better to ask for help before school rules or laws are broken. Counselors are available for confidential consultation.
  • Another Adult:  If you have a teacher or another adult in your life that can give you some new perspective, do not be afraid to ask for help
  • A Friend:  At the very least let your friends help.  They may have an adult or counselor that they recommend, someone who helped them in the past.  In the end, burdens are easier to carry if you share the load. 

Quick Resources

These resources are available to you or your family and can provide a good framework or response if you need any questions answered or concern addressed.


C.A.R.E:  the YMCA offers substance education for the whole family  

SAMHSA National Hotline:  Confidential, Free, 365 day/year referral service

Dallas Al-Anon Information:  Services for family members of alcoholics  Text Hotline

Parent Night Resources

Electronic Cigarettes, Marijuana, and my Teenager (February 13, 2019)- Ryan Nodurft, LCSW, LCDC, presented to families on the importance of understanding the temptations and ways by which students engage in substances. This was a great way to learn about the devices, dangers, and risks associated with substance use and abuse. (click here to view the slides)

Ignatian Day Resources:

In 2018/2019, we asked all families to participate in a day of reflection on wellness. Representatives from various departments constructed a site to facilitate important conversations about social, emotional/mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Parent Resources: