Student Life

Physical Wellness

Maintaining good physical and mental health allows us to be good servants and instruments of God's love. In addition to the mandatory physical education credit, Jesuit guidance provides various opportunities for students to learn about the aspects of wellness through an activity and engagement lens.

If you need more information about the ways by which your son can become a better caretaker of his physical or mental well-being, please do not hesitate to reach out to his counselor. From finding a club or sport to connecting him with unique learning opportunities, the counselors are great resources.

Ignatian Day Resources:

In 2018/2019, we asked all families to participate in a day of reflection on wellness. Representatives from various departments constructed a site to facilitate important conversations about social, emotional/mental, physical, and spiritual health. Nutrition - Learn quick facts about the important of having a balanced (and informed) diet. Nutrition is a key component to all aspects of growth - spirit, mind, and body.

Substances - It is important to consider every substance that interacts with and in your body. This page will tell you about some harmful substances that can counter the positives that come with nutrition and exercise.

Activity - Whether it is brain activity or physical activity, you should be making activity a priority in your life. This will tell you more about the importance of movement and thinking!

Student Projects:

These resources were created by students and for students. They were done by senior students in Anatomy and Physiology and made available to all students. All work was done in an educational setting for the purpose of learning more about the various topics.

Addiction - Overview

Nutritional Supplements

Sleep Disorders

Diets/Nutritional Fads