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Global Inclusion

The Global Inclusion program is committed to helping students discover the magis, "the more," in themselves and in the members of their diverse community, which can include race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, ability, geography, and socio-economic status. This discovery better prepares students to contribute to a multicultural world, one in which local, national, and international tensions are often grounded in cultural, religious, and linguistic differences.


Percentage of student body that identifies as ethnically diverse.


Number of different languages spoken by our students at home.


Percentage of students receiving financial aid.

In recognition of our inherent and divine diversity, we are called to model Christ’s love in all of our thoughts and actions. Embracing the Ignatian charism of life-long learning, our community is committed to join together in fellowship, advance mutual respect, and give dignity to each person’s perspective. Our work aims to ground our students in Catholic values while preparing them to serve the global community.
Vision Statement

Interpreters & Translators for Others

Jesuit has many families for whom English is not a first language. Given this, families and their sons may miss out on aspects of the Jesuit experience. As a language need is identified related to a family or student, a Jesuit Women's Auxiliary (JWA) Language Volunteer will be called upon to provide translation services.

Volunteer to translate:

Assist with various Jesuit events and communications throughout the year. This is a wonderful way to meet the needs of our diverse families and to partner with JWA. To sign up contact sophomore counselor, Raul Ornelas at or 972-387-8700 x364.