Student Life

Student Requirements

The Service and Social Justice program at Jesuit Dallas is one of the most extensive high school service-learning programs in the State of Texas, and a leader among Jesuit schools, nationally. We work with over a hundred Catholic outreach organizations, schools, hospitals, special education centers, elderly care facilities, refugee networks, language centers and environmental programs. Our service / immersion educational model is grounded in the rich Catholic Social Teaching tradition. Students are formed as "Men for Others" through their work in local, domestic, and international initiatives.

Program Focus

Jesuit Dallas’ Service and Justice initiatives focus on direct service to the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized in our community. We are engaged in seven service sectors:

  • Poverty & Homelessness
  • Under-Resourced Education
  • Elder Care
  • Environmental Care
  • Immigrant and Refugee Outreach
  • Sick/Infermed/Hospice
  • Special Needs Care

Students are required to complete their service by volunteering with a non-profit organization from an approved listing of agencies and projects representing one of these seven service sectors.

Direct vs. Indirect

Direct service is “hands-on” help — often through agencies — which supports individuals seeking to develop vital skills and independence, ultimately leading them to be productive members of their community. Improving the lives of individuals then contributes to social change. Examples:

  • School or Church Mission Trips or Outreach Programs
  • Hospitals and Elderly/Assisted Care Residences
  • Residential Summer Camps; Special Olympics
  • Many Catholic Charities Programs

Indirect service, such as fundraising, supply and blood drives helps agencies achieve vital goals but does not involve “hands-on” help of people in need.