Student Life

The Junior Experience

The Junior Year Experience - Putting Love into Action

All students are required to complete the following in order to fulfill their junior year service requirement:

  • Junior year service orientation (September Guidance)
  • 40 hours of self-guided service projects from a school approved list of social service agencies in Dallas and the surrounding areas and by participating in weekend/weekday afternoon service projects offered by the Office of Service and Justice.

Juniors have the option of completing all or a portion of their self-guided service requirement through membership in organizations like YMSL (not all YMSL service meets Jesuit requirements. Please consult the office of Community Service and Social Justice).

OR Active membership in the following student organizations/immersion experiences will provide juniors the opportunity to complete their 40 hour service requirement:

Junior Service Leadership Organizations

  1. PALS
  2. Key Club
  3. Interact
  4. Ignatian Service Corps

Social Justice Immersion Experiences

  1. Ecuador Immersion Trip (July 2018)
  2. Guatemala Immersion Trip (June 2018)