Absentee Policy

Because of the effort to build community, attendance is a crucial part of the Jesuit education. Absences occur, but it is vital that the student and his parents work to ensure that they happen as infrequently as possible. When absences occur, the attendance desk (972) 387-8700 x325 must be called or emailed prior to 8 a.m.

Although a parent has reported a student’s absence by telephone or email, on the day of his return to school and before he attends any classes, a student who has been absent should report to the attendance office with a note signed by his parent or guardian (email alone is not sufficient) stating the reason for his absence. Each day of absence should be acknowledged in the note.

Driver Education

Online Format: Now/Ongoing
In-Person Format: March 22 - April 12, 2022

Class Details

  • All students are required to complete a Jesuit Dallas – Driver Education Contract before beginning the Driver Education Program.
  • The Classroom phase requires 32 hours.
  • Students are required to attend all sessions.
  • Students must be 14 by the start of the class.
  • After students get their permit they may sign up for behind-the-wheel.
  • Classroom cost: $325
    Payment is required upon registration.

Jesuit Dallas - Driver Education Contract (Online)

Jesuit Dallas - Driver Education Contract (2022 In-Person)

For questions, please contact Ryan Menard at or call (972) 387-8700 x514.