Absentee Policy

Because of the effort to build community, attendance is a crucial part of the Jesuit education. Absences occur, but it is vital that the student and his parents work to ensure that they happen as infrequently as possible. When absences occur, the attendance desk (972) 387-8700 x325 must be called or emailed prior to 8 a.m.

Although a parent has reported a student’s absence by telephone or email, on the day of his return to school and before he attends any classes, a student who has been absent should report to the attendance office with a note signed by his parent or guardian (email alone is not sufficient) stating the reason for his absence. Each day of absence should be acknowledged in the note.

Technology Device Resources

Jesuit Dallas requires that all students supply their own device to be used for educational activities at school. Students are expected to bring their device fully charged to school every day, in addition to their charger.

Please direct any questions to Mark Batik, Jesuit's educational technologist, at 972-387-8700 x462 or

Course materials include: e-books viewable on the ipad, paperbacks, hardbacks, and some form of compendium. Whenever possible Jesuit will bulk purchase digital texts for students and distribute them at no cost to the student.

The booklist will be available in July when schedules are mailed. Please do not purchase books before the official booklist is released.

Mark Batik

Mark Batik

English, Director of Educational Technology

Minimum Device Requirements

  • Must be able to access Wi-Fi networks.
  • Screen size should be greater than 7 inches.
  • Minimum memory storage of 256GB (most models will have substantially more storage than this)
  • Minimum RAM of 4GB
  • The device’s battery must be able to last 5 hours on a charge.
  • Students will not be allowed to use a smartphone as their school use device
  • Device should have access to a camera for eLearning

*if device does not have a camera students must have access to a device for video conferencing and assignment submission.

Product Specific Recommendations:

  • Apple products: MacOS 10.12 or newer.
  • Microsoft/PC products: Laptop or Surface tablet with Windows 10 or newer
  • Note: Beginning with the Class of 2025, the Chrome OS is no longer acceptable. This is due to performance/application requirements of various required courses.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students must bring their device charger with them to school
  • Students will not be allowed to use a smartphone as their school device
  • Student devices must be fully charged at the start of the school day
  • Students must keep their device in good working order and have any maintenance performed within two weeks of discovery

Frequently Asked Questions