Absentee Policy

Because of the effort to build community, attendance is a crucial part of the Jesuit education. Absences occur, but it is vital that the student and his parents work to ensure that they happen as infrequently as possible. When absences occur, the attendance desk (972) 387-8700 x325 must be called or emailed prior to 8 a.m.

Although a parent has reported a student’s absence by telephone or email, on the day of his return to school and before he attends any classes, a student who has been absent should report to the attendance office with a note signed by his parent or guardian (email alone is not sufficient) stating the reason for his absence. Each day of absence should be acknowledged in the note.

Distribution Dates

Jesuit will host iPad Distribution nights for freshmen and transfer students. Distribution will be preceded by a parent/son meeting. Both the student and a parent must be present and have read the Acceptable Use Policy to receive the iPad. Families of summer school students can choose either June distribution night and new students not taking summer school can choose either August distribution night. In addition, Jesuit will provide all students with Technology Training. New students enrolled in summer school will receive their iPad and Technology Training on the first day of summer school. Students not enrolled in summer school will receive their iPad and Training on Vos Parates Day.


2019 Summer School Distribution and Training Dates:

iPad Distribution Nights:

May 28


Only for students taking summer school

7 p.m. @ Terry Center

  June 5

Only for students taking summer school

7 p.m. @ Terry Center

  August 6 7 p.m. @ Terry Center
  August 14 7 p.m. @ Terry Center