Absentee Policy

Because of the effort to build community, attendance is a crucial part of the Jesuit education. Absences occur, but it is vital that the student and his parents work to ensure that they happen as infrequently as possible. When absences occur, the attendance desk (972) 387-8700 x325 must be called or emailed prior to 8 a.m.

Although a parent has reported a student’s absence by telephone or email, on the day of his return to school and before he attends any classes, a student who has been absent should report to the attendance office with a note signed by his parent or guardian (email alone is not sufficient) stating the reason for his absence. Each day of absence should be acknowledged in the note.

Setting Up Your iPad

  1. Put your iPad in the Survivor case
  2. Turn on and set up your iPad. You will need to connect the device to Wi-Fi to do this. You will set up a lock screen code, your fingerprint ID, and link the iPad to an Apple ID as part of the setup.
  3. Your device will preinstall a series of applications (Educreations, Google Drive, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Desmos, Pearson eText, Shelfit Reader, SPARKvue HD, Socrative Student)
  4. Set up your Jesuit Network Account.
  5. Wait at least 30 minutes after setting up your network account and set up your Jesuit Dallas email address
  6. A download code for Notability will be emailed to you. Follow these instructions to obtain the application. You DO NOT NEED to purchase this application.
  7. When you download an app you will have to type in the password for your Apple ID even if the app is free.
  8. Create a Dropbox account using your Jesuit email address by going to and selecting Get Dropbox Basic. You must have a Dropbox account associated with your Jesuit email address. If you wish to use an existing Dropbox account, you’ll need to change the email address associated with the existing account. Academic files take precedence; if you feel storage will be an issue because you use Dropbox for music, videos, etc., we recommend creating a separate account for personal files.
  9. Fully charge your iPad.

Word Processing Applications

While students are allowed to use any word processing application for their own purposes, different teachers may require students to use one of the following for a particular assignment.

  • Pages (Apple's Word Processor) this will come preinstalled on the iPad
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word see the Microsoft 365 information below for signing into the application

Accounts and Passwords

Students will be provided with the following accounts:

  • Google: for their google drive and school email
  • Moodle: The school's learning management system
  • Microsoft 365: so students can use the Microsoft Office Suite of applications on their iPad or at their home
  • Network: for accessing the computers on campus and the Wi-Fi