Absentee Policy

Because of the effort to build community, attendance is a crucial part of the Jesuit education. Absences occur, but it is vital that the student and his parents work to ensure that they happen as infrequently as possible. When absences occur, the attendance desk (972) 387-8700 x325 must be called or emailed prior to 8 a.m.

Although a parent has reported a student’s absence by telephone or email, on the day of his return to school and before he attends any classes, a student who has been absent should report to the attendance office with a note signed by his parent or guardian (email alone is not sufficient) stating the reason for his absence. Each day of absence should be acknowledged in the note.


The academic departments evaluate course materials annually and then select the resources they believe will best promote learning for the following school year. Jesuit recognizes the high cost of textbooks and as such will provide digital texts to students at no additional cost whenever possible. Hardback copies of these books are not necessary but have been listed on the booklist should a student wish to purchase a hard/paper copy in addition to the digital copy. Jesuit does not provide digital texts for all classes. Families are responsible for acquiring all remaining texts. Please read course notes carefully to see which books will be provided for your son.

You should examine first the Jesuit Booklist to determine the texts you need and what is required for purchase for your son’s classes. Please consult this document to determine this information.

Follett Virtual Bookstore is Jesuit's preferred online bookseller. On the Follett website, if a title is listed as RECOMMENDED, your son will be provided a digital version of that text and you have NO obligation to purchase that text. Those texts listed as REQUIRED are physical texts that either teachers require or are not available in digital format. Jesuit's online book sales through Follett should be available on July 16. Book sales from their site will be available after student schedules for 2019-20 have been released. They have been furnished with Jesuit's booklist and have the titles listed by course and in stock. For families that have purchased from Follett before, the company has made some changes to their website that should make the process easier.

Math and Science faculty will be using the TI-84 graphing calculator in classroom demonstrations and we encourage students to have the same. For your convenience, this calculator is available in the Ranger Connection. You may also purchase the calculator wherever is convenient for you. As applicable to your son, please review the following standardized testing calculator standards: PSAT; SAT; ACT; AP Exams. See your teacher or counselor if you have any questions.

Please direct any questions regarding course materials to Mark Batik.

Where should we order books?

When can we start ordering books?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

2019-20 Textbooks by Department

Please note: Computer Science and Fine Arts textbooks will be provided by the instructor. Please pay careful attention to course notes for each class.

Textbook FAQ

What is Jesuit’s relationship with Follett Virtual Bookstore?

Follett Virtual Bookstore is Jesuit’s official online bookstore. Jesuit has provided them with our master book list to make shopping for textbooks very convenient and reliable. Books are listed by department and class and for many titles, you can choose between new and used copies. Most titles are in-stock and will arrive at your door within a few days depending on shipping options chosen.

Are we required to purchase books from Follett Virtual Bookstore?

You are under no obligation to purchase books from Follett Virtual Bookstore. You can shop from other online vendors like Amazon, Ecampus, and Booksamillion or traditional book stores like Barnes and Noble. However, be advised that you should conduct your search using the ISBNs on your customized book list and select a shipping option that will allow sufficient opportunity for the vendor to deliver the book in time for the beginning of classes. You may also purchase from smaller vendors and individuals at online sites like or

Can I purchase my textbooks used?

Most of our textbooks can be purchased used. Items marked with a green check-mark on your customized book list are consumable workbooks and cannot be used. Items marked “New” are new to the Jesuit book list or represent an updated edition of a title we have previously used. You may be able to find these books used if purchasing outside the Jesuit community. Always check the ISBNs. When buying used English paperbacks or Foreign Language books, be conscientious about the amount of writing in them. Some instructors perform book checks and disallow books with too many annotations.

Why do I see multiple ISBNs for some books?

For certain titles, multiple books are acceptable. Typically, these have the same content with a different cover or other packaging and is published with a different ISBN. As long as the ISBN on the book matches any one of the acceptable ISBNs, you should not have a problem with the book.

I’m trying to log in and I don’t remember my Student ID? How can I get it?

Your student ID number is listed at the top of your schedule and also on previous report cards. Contact Diane Camara if you are having trouble locating your student ID.